The first local ex equipment manufacturer based in UAE having its hazardous area product certificates, manufacturing & integration facility in the UAE.

K Series Controls

Control and indication elements of the MP, K, P and L series are explosion-proof components that are used as part of equipment and comply with the requirements of Directive 2014/34/EU, the general requirements of EN 60079-0:2018 and have type of protection “d” according to EN 60079- 1:2014, “e” EN IEC 60079-7:2015/A1:2018 and “t” EN 60079-31:2014.

Mechanical explosion-proof controls include: buttons of various modifications, batch switches, automatic circuit breaker drives, rotary switches for remote selection of the desired operating mode with further control or switching to emergency mode and blocking process equipment employed at explosive and chemically hazardous industrial facilities, including the number of mines and their surface structures, dangerous for firedamp and (or) combustible dust.

Light indicators are intended for visual perception by the operator of regular operation or transition to emergency mode of technological equipment employed at explosive and chemically hazardous industrial facilities, including mines and their ground structures, hazardous by firedamp and (or) combustible dust.

Control and indication elements can be used in DC and AC circuits. Ex – components have differences in design, material, installation method, type of explosion protection and electrical parameters. Components according to Directive 2014/34/EU belong to groups I and II, categories M 2 (mining), 2 G (gases), 2 D (dusts). Adapters, plugs and drainage devices can be placed in zones 2, 3, 21 and 22. The environment may contain explosive mixtures of gases and vapors with air of the categories of subgroups IIA, IIB, IIC, as well as IIIA (flammable volatile particles), IIIB (non-conductive dust ), IIIC (conductive dust).

The components are made of the following materials: for category M 2 (Group I) and 2 D (Group III) the housing is made of stainless or galvanized steel, or polyamide for 2 G (Group III) and 2 D (Group III) of stainless or galvanized steel, or aluminum alloy or polyamide.

Type of explosion protection Ex db I Mb Ex tb IIIС Db/Ex db IIB Gb or Ex db IIC Gb/Ex tb IIIС Db
Degree of protection of a cover, IP IP66/IP67
Body and pusher material Stainless steel / Aluminium alloy / Cink Steel
Rated voltage of indicator lamps, direct current or alternating current 220, 380 АС; 12, 24 AC/DC
Switched AC/DC voltage, V no more than 660
Switched current, A – AC/DC no more than 10 or 16С
Operating temperature range -60°С…+70°С
Type of load active / induct
Cross-section of connected wires, not more than mm2 2,5