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Cable entry for cable in metal hose

Cable glands of the KV series are explosion-proof equipment that meets the requirements of the EU Directive 2014/34/EU, the general requirements of EN 60079-0:2018 and have an explosion protection type “d” according to EN 60079-1:2014, “e” type according to 60079-7:2015 and type “t” according to 60079-31:2014 and are intended for the introduction of flexible cables into explosion-proof electrical equipment. Cable glands can be used with armored (tape or wire armor) and unarmored electric and/or fiber optic cables of round and/or flat cross section, as well as cables laid in a metal conduit or pipe. Cable glands securely fix the cable, providing reliable protection of the cable laid in the equipment case from the aggressive environment of the equipment.

Explosion-proof cable glands differ in design, material, size, purpose and type of connecting thread.

Cable glands refer to electrical equipment of group I, II according to the EU Directive 2014/34/EU category M 2 (mine version), 2 G (gas environment), 2 D (field environment). Cable glands may be placed in zones 2, 3, 21 and 22. Explosive mixtures of air with gases and vapors IIA, IIB, IIC, IIIA (flammable flying particles), IIIB (non-conductive dust), IIIC (conductive dust) may be present in the environment .

Cable glands are made of the following materials: group I – stainless steel, group II and III – stainless steel or nickel-plated brass.


Application area Name Housing material Marking
For groups II and III Cable
KV series bushings
Stainless steel and nickel-plated brass EU directive mark II 2 GD Ex db IIC Gb
Ex eb IIC Gb
Ex tb IIIC Db
For groups I Stainless steel EU directive mark IM 2 Ex db I Mb


Type of explosion protection 1Ex d IIC Gb / 1Ex e IIC Gb / Ex tb IIIC Db/ PB Ex d I Mb
Operating conditions according to GOST 15150-69 UHL1
Material: nickel plated brass

stainless steel

Operating temperature: -60°С<Ta<+135°С
Thread type: metric (M)

pipe conical (NPT)

Degree of protection of a cover, IP IP66/IP67

All cable glands can be equipped with protective covers (sheaths)

An example of an entry when ordering and in the documentation: KV (1) M20 (2) KM20 (3) – L (4)

1 – Series designation;

2 – Designation of the attached thread (M20 – M20x1.5);

3 – Designation of the type of entry (KM20 – for unarmored cable for connecting a metal hose with a nominal diameter of 20 mm);

4 – Body material (L – nickel-plated brass; H – stainless steel).

CETS 23 ATEX 035 X